Cordy Care

Ayushine Cordycare | Energy, Stamina & Endurance | Supports Testosterone, Virility, Lung Health, Superfood Supplement

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Today's stressful lifestyle, improper eating habits, improper routine are causing various types of disorders in the human body, sexual impotence is also arising day by day due to this reason. After extensive testing, we have developed Cordy Care, an effective product to reduce stress and regulate the body's natural sexual ability, which is a highly effective product infused with Cordyceps Mushroom and other rare herbs. Cordyceps mushroom is a very valuable herb that helps in increasing the immunity power and energy of the body. Shatavari promotes a healthy reproductive system as well as improves vaginal health during menstruation and provides better health to mother and child during lactation. Vidari tuber helps in the reproductive system and is a highly beneficial herb in case of infertility, it increases sperm count and also improves intercourse. Safed Musli is an aphrodisiac herb that is used to prevent premature ejaculation and impotence. Bhallatak Rasayan is used in the treatment of weakness and anemia and is also rich in anti-aging properties. All the above-mentioned herbs in Cordy Care are very effective in balancing hormones and reducing stress. Being equipped with these qualities, Cordy care is advised to be used by all men and women to lead a long and healthy life.